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Choux Pastry




Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Cake Pops

Petit Cups

*Dessert towers available


Chocolate Chocolate

Moist chocolate layers beautifully flavoured with dark cocoa & a rich chocolate buttercream


Vanilla Vanilla

A classic fluffy vanilla cake complimented by a vanilla bean buttercream


Cookies & Cream

Chocolate layers with delectable Oreo® buttercream & topped off with chocolate fudge


Coco Mocha

Chocolate mud cake with espresso buttercream

Birthday Cake

Fluffy funfetti vanilla layers with funfetti buttercream 


Pink Champagne

Pink Velvet cake infused with sparkling wine paired with a subtly sweet vanilla buttercream


Strawberry Red Velvet 

Red Velvet cake with a fresh strawberry cream cheese buttercream


Strawberry & Cream

A vanilla cake with fresh strawberries & whip cream, paired with vanilla buttercream


Salted Crème Brûlée

A delicious vanilla cake paired with a light vanilla pastry cream, layer of dulce de leche & vanilla buttercream


Ferrero Rocher®

Chocolate cake layered with Nutella® buttercream, drizzled chocolate fudge & topped with crushed Ferrero Rocher® bits


Blue Lemon

Vanilla layers paired with tart lemon curd, a sweet blueberry compote and cream cheese buttercream



Vanilla layers with pockets of cinnamon paired with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream


Lemon Raspberry Poppyseed

Lemon layers infused with poppy seeds, raspberries with vanilla buttercream

Lotus Biscoff

Brown sugar vanilla layers, biscoff cookie crumble with biscoff cream cheese buttercream

Mango Coconut

Vanilla layers infused with sweet coconut slices, filled with fresh mango and whip cream 


Please Note: Our products are NOT nut free.

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